Hybrideck composite decking FAQs

Can you deliver to my address?
Hybrideck is a national supplier of composite decking products and we can arrange delivery  anywhere from our Australia wide warehouse network.

What is Hybrideck made from?
Made from 60% waste timber fibre, 30% recycled HDPE, Hybrideck also contains UV protectants and mould inhibiters.

Why is it only 30% Plastic?
Most WPC products on the market are 50% plastic. Hybrideck has been specially formulated for Australian and New Zealand conditions. The extra wood content is more suitable for our high UV which protects the plastic and prevents it breaking down. This formula is also less prone to expansion and contraction which can be a problem with a higher plastic content.

Will it fade?
After the first summer the colour will have lightened up 10% and then will remain stable. Being a recycled product a slight colour variation from batch to batch can be expected.

Is it slippery?
Hybrideck has similar slip resistance to traditional wood decking (such as merbau decking). It can be coated with a specially formulated slip resistant coating if further slip resistance is required. This cannot be applied until after the boards have “weathered” approximately three months. Contact us for more details.

Can Hybrideck be painted or stained?
Yes, Hybrideck composite decking can be painted or stained however it is not recommended or necessary. If painting or staining Hybrideck is still desired, it is only advisable to do so after the boards have reached their fully weathered state. After this process, periodic re-painting will be required, a minimum of once a year.

Can it be used around a spa or swimming pool?
Hybrideck composite decking boards are ideal for use around spas and pools.

Is it hot underfoot?
In hot weather conditions, Hybrideck plastic composite decking boards are a similar temperature to comparably coloured timber surface temperatures, such as merbu decking.

Is it fire retardant?
Hybrideck decking material will burn like most timbers. It has been tested by BRANZ for ignitability, flame propagation etc and found to be of a performance somewhere between softwood and hardwood. Hybrideck is not suitable to be used in bush fire prone areas.

What joist span is required?
Joist span requirement depends on the profile.

  • 130mm Solid profile requires a maximum spacing of 450mm.
  • 140mm Solid profile requires a maximum spacing of 600mm

Is it guaranteed?
Hybrideck has a 15 year limited warranty. Download Hybrideck Warranty

How do I clean Hybrideck composite decking boards?
General cleaning with a broom or mop will suffice for most situations, however if you want to give a better clean a dilute solution of sugar soap and warm water and scrubbing brush can be used. Download the Hybrideck Care & Maintenance Guide.