Hybrideck composite decking the right enviormental choice

March 1 2012

Composite decking can be the right choice if looking after the envioroment is important to you. Check the composite decking system you are thinking of using uses 95%  or above receycled materials. Often composite decking is referred  to as plastic decking, Many composite decking products are more timber than they are plastic plastic. Early examples of composite decking used high plastic content in thier products. This often resulted in unsatisfied customers. End users experienced hot surfaces, splitting and twisting. When selecting composite decking ensure the timber content is at least 60%.  An example of a good composite mix is made up of 60% recycled pulp timber and 30% recycled  High density polyethelene(HDPE).  When choosing a decking for your needs you can feel confident when selecting a composite decking using a high percentage of  recycled materials you are making a choice right for the enviorment.