Is it that Plastic decking?

March 2 2012

Composite decking today is still incorrectly referred to as Plastic decking. Some of the early versions of composite decking did have a high content of plastic in them. In fact some early composite decking was in fact 100% plastic. This made the surface hot enough to”cook and egg on”, subject to twisting and warping.  Plastic decking with high concentrations of plastic bought with it a whole host of challenges. Todays cutting edge composite have evolved to get the right balance. Better quality composite decking materials use 60-65% timber and 35-40% plastic.   It is all the better when the mixture of compounds are created from recycled materials making them enviromentally sound.

Quality composite decking today relies on the plastic component to give it very favourable durability and the high timber component allows composite decking boards to be worked with the same tools that any handyman would use to build a timber deck.

So when you are asked “is that a plastic deck” you can rightfully say “its more timber than plastic”. Especially when its Hybrideck composite decking made from 65% waste timber fibre and 35% recycled High density polyethelene (HDPE) . Eviormentally sensitive composite decking. Todays version of Plastic decking