Making a decking choice?

April 13 2012

When it comes to enjoying the great australian outdoors nothing compares to an area of decking. Making a choice in purchasing and installing decking becomes a very important decision. If this is your first deck or you have only experienced one type of decking the decision becomes all the more difficult.  Items to consider when selecting decking. How much maintenence is involved, how long do I want it to last?, is the enviromental impact of the material I select important to me?, do I want to spend my holidays repairing or maintaing the decking?, Is it a safe surface for children  play on, not containing toxins or run the risk of splinters?, Will it be non slip decking?. So lots of questions that need answering.

it seems the most important answer is how much time does it take to maintain the decking. With Hybrideck composite decking maintenence is kept to a minumim with perhaps a wash with warm soapy water every so often. No nails to hammer back in, no splits or splinters to repair, no stains to put back on, no rubbing back, no varnish or oil to apply and certainly nothing to to but enjoy your marvellous decking area.

So when you are making a choice in decking make sure you select a material that allows you to “enjoy your decking…not work on it!!”