Deck maintenence in winter

August 6 2012

The beauty of composite decking is the lack of maintenence anytime. depending on where you reside you may get very little use of your dec k during the winter months. Traditionally if your deck was timber this period would be combined with the knowledge that the winter weather would be tearing at your decking. With composite decking its nice to know the winter weather is having no impact. the other nice thing with composite decking is when this cold wether finally breaks and you step out into the spring sunshine your deck will be ready for use. No oiling required, no endless sanding back of weathered timber, no hitting nails back in, no replacing split and twisted boards and norescrewing down your deck. Just open the door, step out on to your composite deck and enjoy the early season sunshine.  Composite decking allows you to enjoy decking the way it should be…. fuss free!