Can I deck a narrow strip or can I deck around a pool? Gold coast pool installation

March 5 2015

We love showing you before and after shots. As they say in the classics “a picture tells a thousand words”. In these photos you can see the transformation of a small area located between the house and the newly installed pool on the Gold coast, Queensland.  The owners, not sure whether they could end up with the finish they were looking for,  consulted us to see if Hybrideck would be or could be the solution they were after. Firstly we were able to reassure the owners that Hybrideck is not affected by Chlorine, nor it affected by Salt water so whatever method they chose for the filtration and treatment the Hybrideck installation would keep looking great  By running the Hybrideck boards along the house the blend between old house material and new material of the pool installation was complimented bay the contrast of material. The customers were also after a natural looking finish which the photos show was achieved very successfully. The most important thing was the customers were  as happy as can be with the outcome

dean irving, burleigh waters qld dean irving, burleigh waters qld 2.jpgdean irving, burleigh waters qld 3.jpg