How they made this wonderful deck in Adelaide look even better with Hybrideck plastic wood decking

March 12 2015

After building their dream home in Adelaide our customer decided that their deck should have the right finish that would be stunning enough to make the deck area look all that it could be in its stunning Adelaide location but be practical, so low maintenance.  The customers had a very specific colour in mind  that would compliment their existing colours and ended up choosing the colour  we would call ‘Clay “. This is not a colour we normally keep in stock. Because the colour required was very specific the customers opted to wait the 6 weeks required for their non stock colour delivery. In the photos below you can see how the colour also changes depending on what light is on it.  The customers also made the decision to order their ‘Clay” board order in Hybrideck commercial board profile. With the help of our Hybrideck installer  the customer ended up with a delightful finish  fully utilising the best qualities of Hybrideck composite decking boards. If you would like to find out more about this project or any of its finishes, contact us.