How long is a composite decking plank?

April 17 2015

Composite decking comes in different lengths  depending on the manufacturer and the customers they serve. In the case of Hybrideck we manufacture lengths to 5.85 metres long which is the longest length available in stock in Australia.

What this does for your deck is allows you to have the longest possible runs with the least amount of joins. Composite decking has an element of expansion  and contraction when in hot, cold  and temperature changing environments so to have the longest possible lengths in composite decking means that the least amount of noticeable ‘butt’ joins ( to explain a ‘butt’ join simply – a ‘butt” join is  a join where two boards join each other end to end).

Hybrideck as composite decking, is very symmetrical so when a ‘butt’ join is installed in your project it is noticeable because of the break in the uniform pattern.

To ensure you have the least amount of noticeable joins  always use the longest possible lengths of Composite decking available.

Hybrideck lengths in detail press here 

long decking line

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