Hybrideck: perfect for use around all kinds of swimming pools

March 27 2017

Hybrideck decking is unaffected by chlorine or saltwater swimming pools making it the perfect choice for this job in tropical Townsville.

When  installed: 2016

Time of Photos:  2016

Location: Townsville, North Queensland


  • Hybrideck Commercial 140mm x 25mm  for the pool deck in Mid grey colour
  • 130mm x 19mm for the footbridge in Cedar colour

Background: The owner of the property and installer used Hybrideck to replace a ramp at his premises three years earlier. He was so pleased with the performance of Hybrideck over the three years it was installed that when his pool platform needed replacing he came looking for Hybrideck without hesitation.

The rotting joist to be replaced


This old timber pool platform needs replacing

Unusual aspects:  The cedar footbridge was built out of  offcuts we had left from another job.

The commercial board was used for the pool platform not because of the need for strength. The commercial board was overkill. The extra height of the commercial board (25mm compared to 19mm for the standard board) matched the height of the platform that was being replaced resulting in a very neat finish.

Strengths:  Hybrideck is unaffected by chlorine or saltwater swimming pools

The finished foot bridge


The finished pool platform


The finished pool platform