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June 13 2019

Hybrideck composite decking seats

This council needed a product that would give them comfort and functionality. Hybrideck composite decking was selected for durability and performance. The flexibility of Hybrideck composite decking means the boards can be worked exactly the same as timber. In the included photos the edges have been ‘squared up’ using a circular saw with its guide... Read more
March 27 2017

Hybrideck: perfect for use around all kinds of swimming pools

Hybrideck decking is unaffected by chlorine or saltwater swimming pools making it the perfect choice for this job in tropical Townsville. Read more
May 30 2016

Composite decking for a great decking finish in Bendigo, Victoria

In the following photos Chris from Bendigo showed us how he took an area that was not being used and with the clever use of composite decking he has been able to create a stunning outdoor area. The area Chris had to work with is 40 metres square.  Chris said he was looking for something with... Read more
November 17 2015

Yes you can build a roof terrace in Hybrideck composite decking

Can Hybrideck be used on a roof deck. Because roof decks are generally exposed to direct sunlight, direct rain and all other harsh elements that mother nature can throw up it is ideal use Hybrideck composite decking in many applications particularly where low maintenance is a priority. The series of photos included in this story... Read more
March 20 2015

Armstrong Creek screening fence extension

We recently received a phone call from a potential customer in Armstrong Creek, Victoria. David had recently built a house and had been busy establishing his outdoor area. After installing his deck he realised after a barbecue one afternoon that he could almost look his neighbour in the eye across the fence line because of... Read more
March 12 2015

How they made this wonderful deck in Adelaide look even better with Hybrideck plastic wood decking

After building their dream home in Adelaide our customer decided that their deck should have the right finish that would be stunning enough to make the deck area look all that it could be in its stunning Adelaide location but be practical, so low maintenance.  The customers had a very specific colour in mind  that would compliment their... Read more
March 5 2015

Can I deck a narrow strip or can I deck around a pool? Gold coast pool installation

We love showing you before and after shots. As they say in the classics “a picture tells a thousand words”. In these photos you can see the transformation of a small area located between the house and the newly installed pool on the Gold coast, Queensland.  The owners, not sure whether they could end up... Read more
June 18 2014

Can I use composite decking for under my deck?

This clever home owner needed a solution for the area underneath their 1st floor deck. They required a very low maintenance solution given the residence is a holiday home with occasional use and very close to the sea so exposed to the rigours of salt air. Their first  preference was for timber but the time and... Read more
March 10 2014

How can I use composite decking?

The beauty of Hybrideck composite decking is it can be used in so many applications that may either give you some ideas for your own composite decking project or how flexible Plastic wood deck can be when you are considering what you can do in your own back yard.  From building composite bench seats to... Read more
lights in composite decking
March 10 2014

Can I put lights into my composite decking boards?

Because Hybrideck can be worked with exactly the same tools as timber it is very easy to install lights into your decking as shown in the pictures included in this article.  If you are building a new deck  it is the best time to install suitable wiring and power supply. This work is always best completed by... Read more
February 12 2014

Will composite decking stain my walls like timber?

Unlike Merbau decking as seen in the photos below and other timbers similarly,  Hybrideck composite decking boards do not leech tannins. This makes Plastic wood composite ideal when looking for the right product to put on a second floor balcony or when your deck comes in contact with your swimming pool. As in the photos... Read more
composite deck boards surf coast
February 10 2014

Million dollar seaside home – composite decking solution !

Wood composite decking was seen as the perfect solution for this architecturally designed seaside home. Being acutely aware that the harsh elements of Bass strait would be beating on this Victoria  coastal home. It was important to have a no maintenance product given the holiday location was to enjoyed and not burdened with maintenance at every... Read more
January 10 2014

New townhouse with letterbox and side gates

Letterbox in Hybrideck. Clever carpentry, a no maintenance letter box. The side gate mounted on steel frame. The back view of the side gate. A side infill between garages. New deck looking north. New deck looking south. Step straight out of sliding door. Fixed outdoor sun umbrella point. Clever side steps. Read more
December 10 2013

Wood composite deck fancy finish

                  Read more
December 10 2013

Residential replacement of timber to Hybrideck

Timber decking looks great, it’s stylish, functional and enlivens any outdoor entertainment area. However, traditional timber decking can be high maintenance as it is exposed to and weathered by the harsh Australian conditions. That’s why Hybrideck is such a fantastic product, it’s wood/plastic composition weathers so well that we are able to give it a... Read more