Builders & Hybrideck composite decking products

Easy to install Hybrideck composite deck boards comes in 5.85m lengths for minimal joins and less waste. The secret fixing system means considerably faster installation and no nails to pop up later. Any damaged boards can either be sanded back or the board can simply be unscrewed and replaced without affecting the rest of the deck. Guaranteed for 15 years not to warp, splinter crack or rot. Hybrideck composite decking is tested and appraised by Australian and New Zealand Building Code Standards. Local regulatory bodies can accept Hybrideck as an alternative solution to traditional decking.

>> MSDS Safety Data Sheet

1Installation and Specifications
With a comprehensive Hybrideck installation video and all the information you need, installing your HYBRIDECK is easy.



3Care and Maintenance
Keep it clean and your HYBRIDECK will reward you with years of low maintenance pleasure. Watch the detailed Hybrideck Care and Maintenance video for all the information you need to ensure the long life of your HYBRIDECK.



4Other Uses
HYBRIDECK can be used for a variety of other projects such as the sunshades on this Commercial Building. Also an excellent option for gates, planter boxes and outdoor seating. Watch the Hybrideck Introduction video to find out more.



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