Hybrideck onto concrete existing slab

August 10 2013

Joan and Jack enjoy thier brand new Hybrideck.

Laying out the subfloor correctly is important.

This client wanted to paint his subfloor.

Lifting the fascia board into place – working from the outside in is normally best.

Make sure your sub floor is leveled prior to laying your Hybrideck.

The outside frame is laid then the infill begins.

Starting to take shape.

Half way through the first section.

The first section complete.

A close look at the sub floor.

Making a very neat finish around a tricky down pipe.

A neat symmetrical finish.

The last two sections nearing completion.

Note the string line to check the boards are installed straight.

The finish that can be achieved.

Finished and ready to use.

A perfect entertaining area.

A massive area with no maintenence.

The TV end of the deck.