Yearly Archive: 2015

November 17 2015

Yes you can build a roof terrace in Hybrideck composite decking

Can Hybrideck be used on a roof deck. Because roof decks are generally exposed to direct sunlight, direct rain and all other harsh elements that mother nature can throw up it is ideal use Hybrideck composite decking in many applications particularly where low maintenance is a priority. The series of photos included in this story... Read more
April 17 2015

How long is a composite decking plank?

Composite decking comes in different lengths  depending on the manufacturer and the customers they serve. In the case of Hybrideck we manufacture lengths to 5.85 metres long which is the longest length available in stock in Australia. What this does for your deck is allows you to have the longest possible runs with the least amount... Read more
March 31 2015

What deck thickness should I get?

Hybrideck wood plastic decking in residential is 19mm thick . This is the ideal thickness if you are replacing existing timber decking as most timber decking manufactured  specifically for the purpose of  deck builds is this thickness. The thickness of the board will determine the height restrictions that you have to take into consideration .  Additionally if... Read more
March 20 2015

Armstrong Creek screening fence extension

We recently received a phone call from a potential customer in Armstrong Creek, Victoria. David had recently built a house and had been busy establishing his outdoor area. After installing his deck he realised after a barbecue one afternoon that he could almost look his neighbour in the eye across the fence line because of... Read more
March 12 2015

How they made this wonderful deck in Adelaide look even better with Hybrideck plastic wood decking

After building their dream home in Adelaide our customer decided that their deck should have the right finish that would be stunning enough to make the deck area look all that it could be in its stunning Adelaide location but be practical, so low maintenance.  The customers had a very specific colour in mind  that would compliment their... Read more
March 5 2015

Can I deck a narrow strip or can I deck around a pool? Gold coast pool installation

We love showing you before and after shots. As they say in the classics “a picture tells a thousand words”. In these photos you can see the transformation of a small area located between the house and the newly installed pool on the Gold coast, Queensland.  The owners, not sure whether they could end up... Read more
February 25 2015

Your deck doesn’t have to be the biggest in town

Installing composite decking doesn’t always have to be the biggest project. This deck situated in Northern Queensland  is a perfect example of  biggest is not always best. You can see within these photos that the customers use of composite deck was for a very specific purpose. To provide a non slip surface in a tropical... Read more