How do I cut composite decking to get the finish I want it.

February 11 2014

There are a number of ways to finish your new composite deck both against your dwelling or on an edge where there is no buildings

A popular way to end up with a very nice finish on your outside edge is to finish your last flat board right  to the edge of your deck leaving the groove edge finishing in line with the edge of the joists.

Then every second or third joist drill a small pilot hole on a 45 degree angle into the groove of the Hybrideck board angled down to insert a screw into your joist. Be very careful not to be too heavy handed or you could damage your decking. Once your pilot hole is in place insert one of the screws you have been supplied and “nip” up the screw so the board is held in place. Your screw should be sitting neatly into the groove.

Now with your fascia board (thats the one that is going to be sitting on its edge) take your circular saw and install its guide on it so you can trim the groove off the fascia board. Once cut the groove will no longer be existent on one side. You can then finish this cut edge further by either sanding it or taking a very fine plane and putting a samll “aris” on the edge. And for those of us that are not formally trained in woodworking that means take a very fine 45 degre edge off both the corners of the cut side.

Becuase Hybrideck can be worked like timber alternately you can use router to create any finish you want.  Of which I have seen some installers create bull nose edges and angled edges which looks really nice. Its your choice.

Now with your finished fascia board hold it up against the joists so the cut and finished edge sits flush with the top of the flat leying deck and face fix this fascia board into the joits or other upright points of fixing.

This method will give you a nice 20mm boarder around your deck and allow you to avoide screws in the surface of your deck.

Hope this helps please let us know if we can explain this method in more detail or we can give you some other ideas for installing your Hybrideck.

Footnote** If your not overy confident to trim the groove off take it to your local cainet maker they will give you a wonderful finishand normally do it very cheap and in only minutes. Usually while you wait.

Good luck and enjoy your Hybrideck