Armstrong Creek screening fence extension

March 20 2015

We recently received a phone call from a potential customer in Armstrong Creek, Victoria. David had recently built a house and had been busy establishing his outdoor area. After installing his deck he realised after a barbecue one afternoon that he could almost look his neighbour in the eye across the fence line because of the rise of his deck. He wanted fence extensions but didn’t want the hassle of any type of maintenance. Likewise he didn’t want the fence extensions that would twist and warp in a short period of time.

The answer Hybrideck screening.

David contacted us by seeing us on one of the local Facebook selling sites and thought the product was perfectly suited to the outcome he desired. A couple of phone calls and  an hour or two later and David had a vehicle loaded up with Hybrideck with the intention of installing his fence extensions the same day. True to his intentions his photos were up on the Facebook page later that day. Well done David…Excellent work.


David used  Hybrideck mid grey screening  installed horizontally with his support pieces on his timber fence posts.  Here is a couple of other ideas for privacy screening. Hotel entrance wind and security screening   and  screening used for privacy and security at a nursing home


armstrong creek fence extension.jpg 1

Just the right height to get the privacy required – Hybrideck plastic wood privacy screens

Armstrong creek fence extension.3

Coverage from next doors windows and doors – Hybrideck wood composite planks

Armstrong creek fence extensions.2

Spending time in the yards doesn’t have to be with the neighbours – Hybrideck composite screening